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Govind Madhav Industries has started functioning of a separate factory as to purchase and process raw material particularly of Guar Gum & Cassia Gum in its own plant and aimed at extensively the qualitative production sphere. Govind Madhav had developed its business with establishing new firm with the name of Ramesh Industries at Mehsana India in the year 2000.

As above clear concept we had start our business from 1981 with the guar gum splits plant. Today we are going with plant to upgrade, modernize establishment of new natural Gas based plant. With the concept of value addition guar gum & Cassia Gum product in view of modern globalize world demand with the compatibility low cost product for fulfil the concept of 'service to man is service to good' in full. With the infrastructure Best use for cheaper to cheaper product.


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In this 33 th years experience company has achieve its goal to year by year and now a days company has its own 2 splits and 1 powder plants. More over this infrastructure facility company has one natural gas base big location near by Mehsana town we are now going to immerging to develop value additive product from Guar Gum & Cassia Gum in this new location. With the continue effort and consult and advise getting from the well known technocrat and expertise people now we are on the finalize stage to start this new value added plant