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        It will be a fascinating and eventful period.  We will know not only the causes of disease but the cures and nutrition for mass. The plant and animal kingdoms will continue to serve mankind in the 21st century. Just as they have done since the down of history. Significant new food  & drugs of natural origin and new method of producing them will continue to be important parts of this service.

        Gums are natural plant hydrocolloids that may be classified as anionic or nonionic polysaccharides or salt of polysaccharides. They are translucent arnorphous substances that are frequently produces in higher plants as a protective after injury.  Useful hydrocolloids are also contained in some seeds embryos or other plants parts are extracted from various marine algae, and are produced by selected microorganisons. A number of semi synthetic cellulose derivatives are used for their hydrophilic properties and they can be considered as specialized hydrocolloid gums.

Locust Bean Gum 2
Locust Bean Gum 3

        Gums are typically heterogeneous in composition upon hydrolysis, airlines, galacto, glucose, mannose, xylose and various uronic acids are the most frequently observed components. The uronic acid other captions methyl other and sulfate ester substituents further modify the hydrophilic properties of some natural polysaccharides.

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