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Fenu Greek Gum (Triqonella Foenum) TRIGONELLA FOENUM –GRAECUM

Common Name : Methi / Fenugreek
Plant Parts use : Seeds Leaves, entire plant  (S.S. Code 330190 Index )

Content of natural fiber in fenugreek seed :

Dietary fibers are indigestible complex carbohydrate obtained from plants, but essential ingredient in a healthy diet some are soluble to from gel and others from insoluble roughage. While most fruits ands vegetables have insoluble fibers, legumes (Guar, fenugreek, beans) have soluble fiber. Fenugreek is endospermic; Nearly 50% dry weight of seeds as well as SDF is edible dietary fiber, making it the height concentration among all natural sources of fiber. About 30% of SDF (W/W) is gel – forming soluble fibers similar to guar gum, psyllium husk and but bran. The insoluble fiber (20% of SDF) is bulk-forming like wheat bran.
  Composition of natural sources of vegetable
Source Total fiber Soluble Fiber Insoluble Fiber protein Fiber Fat
Fenugreek 40-48% 20-28% 18-24% 26-30%   4-8%
  Description :
Trigonella foenum- graecum has long stalked leaves up to 5cm long stipules triansaler, laccolite, leaflets about 2.5cms long, obviate to obanceolate. Flowers 1-2 axillary, sessile, race med, whitish or lemon yellow pod 5.7 cons long with a persistent leak, hairy with 10-20 seeds.
Product Fenugreek Gum
Mesh 100
Cps 2000
Soluble Fiber 28%
Insoluble Fiber 24%
Govind Madhav Industries are in special activities in research and development of several types of gums and has obtained many samples of agro and other natural species in laboratory which are mentioned as under for your valuable interests in the matter and we would be thankful and offer our gratitude to for inquisitive specification.
1 Crotalaria Linifolia Linn F. Crotalaria Juncea.
2 Prosopis Cineraria Gum
3 Azadirachta Indica juss.Milingtonia Hortensis.
4 Gum Karaya.
5 Xanthan Gum
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