Our plant-capacity for Guar gum Powder is 10 m/tons per day. In addition to this, production in cassia tora, Sesbania splits and powder are being done as to export on demand. Monthly production capacity comes to 200m/tons. 


Export of Guar gum is being executed in Germany, Spain, Italy and U.S.A. as generally food grade with 200 mesh /100 mesh with 2500/6000 cps/mpas. Our excellent grade Guar gum powder is identified as GEMICOL and had prominent products as sold to markets in aboard. Our GMI unit had progressed nearly within recent three years and found gigantic exports particularly in Gemicol which automatically become the best product amongst the customers. Guar gum powder is white to creamy colored, free in infiltration, free from foreign material with ability to suspend solids, hydrogen bonding control of the viscosity of aqueous solution and to form tough films. 


  The Property of Gemicol
  Easily soluble in cold and hot water.
  Tough/fine film forming.
  Oils, Greases and solvents resistivity.
  Hydrogen bonding to water binding.
  Hygienic Nature.


  Gemicol is manufactured mainly in two basic forms.
  Food, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetic and dietetic grade products.
  Industrial grade products.


  Quality Control
Quality is maintained by highly trained experienced laboratory staff. Periodically product material is being tested in the lab and plant operations are in constant supervision. Product material is tested in our lab and maintaining specifications of the buyers requisition. Sample of the manufactured material is sent to buyer and approved before dispatch of material.

Raw material also is tested in all respects in the lab by our Chief chemist. Plant is equipped with latest technology highly hygienic. Production of the material keeps the stipulated time period and maintains schedules of shipment as per buyer requirement. 


  Fully Quality Assurance.

Packing and Container service :
      Packing-bag material is tested by six drop test before its use. Packing is ensured of 25 or 50kgs. in each bag. Bag is made of four or five ply paper bag, HDPE bag packed under proper and strict supervision as to prevent the material from biological infection and sealed in such a fashion that provides actual value in weight and precautions against addition of unwanted material therein.

The container as utilized for shipment to abroad are physically checked as to its cleanliness, hygienic status , fumigation and pest control are concerted, specified certificates to this effect are being obtained from the component authority for each container. Systematical stuffing of material is ensured before shipment as to avoid tearing off of the pickings and loss of weight and damage to contents.  


  Application of Gemicol

Food grade :

  Food, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics application.
  In Ice-cream used as superior stabilizer.
  Gemicol is Agro-based used in place of C.M.C.
  In Squashes, Sauces and Soft drinks Gemicol is used stabilizer.
  Gemicol is used as suspending agents in patent derivatives.
  Gemicol is used in pharmaceuticals basis in providing mechanical  strength of tablets in
  pressing and shaping, used in jellies and ointments as acts as the best thickener.
  Gemicol is used in manufacturing of shampoos for its excellent viscosity and foaming
  properties and used in tooth-paste as having its compatibility with glycerol.
  Gemicol is used in several bakery products such as bread, pasty cakes and cookies.
  Gemicol is used in cosmetics as it is thickener, suspending agent and capable of stabilizing


  Industrial Applications
  Textile industries.
  Sizing and thickening.
  Printing on wool, synthetics and cotton silk.
  Paper pulp in paper industries.
  Drilling of well as viscofire.
  Mud-Gum usage / FHGGP
  Derivatives as of blocking and jelling properties.
  Manufacturing of insecticides and pesticides.
  Detergent and soaps.
  Electrodes and brazing.
  Lather Industries.
  Tobacco processing.
  Pencils and Crayons.
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