During the past few years as a result of the intense concern with all aspects of ecology, There has been  a renewed interest in  so called ' Natural food ' and drugs , the source of commercially useful gums or hydrocolloids can be summarized as follows:

  Shrub or tree exudates : Acacia,Karaya,Tragacanth
  Marine gums : Agar ,Algin,carrageenan
  Seeds gums : Guar, Locust bean , Psyllium
  Plant extras : Pectin
  Starch and cellulose : Derivatives, Hetastorch, carboxymethylcellulose,
      ethylcellulose, Hydroxyl propel,
      Methyl cellulose, Oxidized cellulose.
  Microbial gums : Dextrin ,Xanthan
Locust Bean Gum 1
Psyllium Husk Powder 1


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